About me!

Hello there! My name is Rebecca Stroup. I absolutely love teaching! I want to share that passion and love I have for music with others. Music is one of the most powerful things we can create. With practice, anyone can delve into this inspiring journey that is right at your fingertips - literally! I have been playing piano since I was very young and have taught since I was a teen. I can't tell you how grateful I am for every student of mine. Without even knowing it, they themselves have taught me things that have benefited my whole life! The amazing relationships and stories that come from this job are a blessing.

Joyfully Musical serves the Antelope Valley in Southern California.


More about me.

My story started pretty typically. My parents put me into piano lessons at CB Music Studios, in Roseville CA when I was 7. I started to learn the basics and found myself enjoying playing the little ditties I was taught. I remember being so confused when my teacher taught me a new concept. She had to repeat herself so many times! One day, while I was supposed to be listening to my teacher, the thought crossed my mind: "I will never be a music teacher! How can this be fun for them?" It wasn't until I started teaching that I fully understood the satisfaction and amazing fulfillment of teaching.

I am still best friends with my piano teacher and her daughters! Us girls did a lot of arrangements and performances together! At CB Music Studios, I took piano, voice, and composition lessons. The teachers and people I met there really did establish my entire musical foundation.

I began teaching piano to some people from my church when I was 13. Before I knew it, over the years, I ended up with over 40 students! Almost everyday, I was doing schoolwork, normal life things, and teaching piano. That became my life, and I loved it! I began teaching at CB Music Studio when I turned 18, which was a huge pleasure!

I also picked up flute at age 13 and joined an orchestra. In 1 year, I went from 3rd flute to 1st flute. I practiced a lot. Well, years passed and I became the conductor and director of that orchestra. On top of that, I also joined Placer County Youth Orchestra as an assistant to the conductor there. I arranged hundreds of musicals, instrument parts, scores and so much more. I learned how to use Finale like a boss during that time. I also directed sectionals, which was a blast for me!

Since I was 9 years old, I have been playing on worship teams and using the resources the Lord has given me towards worship ministry. There's nothing like playing for the Creator, and it's my favorite thing to do! I have played for the children's ministry at the Rock of Roseville, at Artisan Christian Church, at Roseville City Church, at Crosswind Community Church, and now at Central Christian Church. I have met so many people that have helped me grow closer to the Lord through music.

I have been writing music since I was very young. I would write silly songs with odd lyrics and weird sounding soundtrack music. I didn't start taking music composition seriously until I was 14. Over the years, my compositions started to develop into music that I liked to listen to. One of my favorite genres of music was, and still is, soundtrack music. I have written for different small productions and video games. I have also had my compositions performed by students at American River College and by the American River College Orchestra.

American River College was where I attended for my music education. I took the highest level of music theory that they had to offer, a jazz class, a music ed class, and played in the orchestra, jazz band, and symphonic band. I met so many inspiring people there! The talent there amazed me! I took private music composition lessons from one of the best music teachers I ever had: Dr. Joseph Gilman. He pushed me to places I never thought I would explore in music, and I learned to broaden my horizons. I used to be able to tell you what my favorite kind of music is, but now, I honestly have no idea. I've learned to appreciate and enjoy all kinds of music. I think that's a good thing. :) I also received a music certificate from American River College.

My story hasn't ended at all! It's amazing how many opportunities keep coming my way! I would love for you to join me on this amazing, musical adventure!